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XXXVI CICLO (sede amministrativa Università di Pisa)      



Tema di ricerca e Tutor

Bulzinetti Maria Alexandra 

Landslides triggered by rainfall: from modeling towards operational application over large areas

Tutor: Prof.ssa Veronica Tofani (UNIFI)

Carvalho Lannes Galvão Fonseca Júlia 

Potential geohazards along the Brazilian Equatorial Margin – Insights from offshore data across the Potiguar Basin

Tutor: Prof.ssa Paola Vannucchi (UNIFI)

Centauro Irene

Monitoring and predictive diagnostics of physical and mechanical decay phenomena of  in natural and artificial stone architectural elements : integrated methodology for the protection and risk prevention in Cultural Heritage.

Tutor: Prof. Carlo Alberto Garzonio (UNIFI)

Cieszynska Weronika Karolina 

Molecular-Based Phylogeny of Oreopithecus bambolii

Tutor: Prof. Lorenzo Rook (UNIFI)

Franceschi Linda

Groundwater dynamic in different hydrogeological and environmental contexts: study of physical-chemical processes in aquifers and their sensitivity to climate and anthropic  forcings

Tutor: Dott. Marco Doveri (CNR)

Gheri Duccio

Study of sustained volcanic explosive activity from the analysis of long range infrasound array data.

Tutor: Prof. Emanuele Marchetti (UNIFI)

Iannini Lelarge Stefano

Dynamics and timescales of planetary differentiation in the early Solar System: insights from chondrite melting experiments

Tutor: Prof. Matteo Masotta (UNIPI)

 Maccelli Chiara

Natural and anthropogenic contributions of heavy metals from suspended solids, sediments, and fresh waters from the Valdinievole sub-basin, Padule di Fucecchio and Usciana River (Tuscany, Italy)

Tutor: Dott.ssa Barbara Nisi (CNR)

Merella Marco

3D technologies and virtual reality for the study and museum valorisation of marine vertebrate fossils from the Pliocene of Tuscany

Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Bianucci (UNIPI)

Musetti Silvia

Crystal-chemistry of Sb minerals and their geological significance

Tutor: Prof. Cristian Biagioni (UNIPI)

Nigro Matteo

Processes induced by fires on geo-hydrological conditions and on water resources in the Monte Pisano area

Tutor: Prof. Roberto Giannecchini (UNIPI)

Nocentini Nicola

Analysis of the influence of rainfall and vegetation in the spatial and temporal forecast of landslides through machine learning approach

Tutor: Prof. Riccardo Fanti (UNIFI)

Pasquetti Francesca

History of trace metals pollution in the Central Mediterranean basin: natural background vs. anthropic modifications.

Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Zanchetta (UNIPI)

Poneti Giovanni

The late-collisional basins of the northern Apennines, from origin to resource: integrated seismo-stratigraphic and surface geology analysis of the Valdelsa and Valdera basins (Central Tuscany, Italy) 

Tutor: Prof. Marco Benvenuti (UNIFI)

Sassenroth Cynthia Victoria

Characteristics of terrestrial groundice, cryopegs and brines in permafrost environments and their implications for Martian habitability.

Tutor: Prof. Carlo Baroni (UNIPI)

Scateni Bianca

Tephrochronology as a tool for dating and correlating geological, palaeoclimate and archaeological records

Tutor: Dott. Alessio Di Roberto (INGV) 

Tanzini Anna

Development and application of fast geophysical procedures for local seismic hazard assessment

Tutor: Prof. Dario Albarello (UNISI) 

Valeriani Lucrezia

The Mt Amiata-Radicofani volcanoes: a window into the subcontinental lithospheric mantle

Tutor: Prof. Simone Tommasini (UNIFI) 


XXXV CICLO  (sede amministrativa Università di Firenze)



Tema di ricerca e Tutor

Amaddii Michele

Quantitative hazard assessment by numerical modeling of flood and debris flow events.

Tutor: Prof. Pier Lorenzo Fantozzi (UNISI)

Baroni Tommaso

In-situ and operando structural characterization of Ferrates (VI) formation process and the removal mechanisms of metal contaminants in the environmental remediation field. Application to the case of Hg in solution in the Amiata area.

Tutor: Prof. Francesco Di Benedetto (UNIFI)

Belli Giacomo

Study of the seismo-acoustic energy radiation by debris flows.

Tutor: Prof. Emanuele Marchetti (UNIFI)

De Martin Mazzalon Marco

Geological-structural and geochemical-isotopic investigations of the thermal systems of Montecatini and Valdinievole (Pistoia, Central Italy).

Tutor: Prof. Enrico Pandeli (UNIFI)

Falasconi Alessia

The products of the opening phase of large explosive eruptions: toward the understanding of the modalities and rates of eruption trigger and magma ascent.

Tutor: Prof. Raffaello Cioni (UNIFI)

Festa Davide

Spatial and temporal analysis of interferometric data for ground deformation detection at regional scale.

Tutor: Prof. Nicola Casagli (UNIFI)

Franceschini Rachele

Analysis of community resilience during natural disasters using data mining on massive social network exchanges.

Tutor: Prof. Filippo Catani (UNIFI)

Gaviano Sonja

Machine Learning for seismic signal analysis.

Tutor: Dott. Carlo Giunchi (INGV Pisa)

Ishikawa Ayumu

Modeling Ground Deformation induced by Explosive Activity at Stromboli.

Tutor: Prof. Takeshi Nishimura (Tohoku Univ.), Dott. Maurizio Ripepe (UNIFI)Double Degree Agreement with Tohoku Univ., Japan

Lazzaroni Marta

Study of Hg transport inside the remediation of Abbadia San Salvatore district case study.

Tutor: Prof. Orlando Vaselli (UNIFI)

Luo Lianchao

Travertine deposits and geothermics: an epigean proxy for hypogean implications.

Tutor: Prof. Enrico Capezzuoli (UNIFI)

Luppichini Marco

Effects of climate change and anthropogenic impact on the Versilia-Pisan coastal plain: multidisciplinary approach and new technologies for sustainable development of vulnerable territories.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Monica Bini (UNIPI)

Natali Stefano

Study of the isotopic signature of meteoric and seepage waters in Tuscany related to the origin of the air masses: implications for paleohydrological reconstructions and basis for future projections.

Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Zanchetta (UNIPI)

Pasquini Giuseppe

Evaluation and sustainable utilization of shallow geothermal resource for heating and cooling in Central Italy.

Tutor: Prof. Alessandro Sbrana (UNIPI)

Paternostro Simone

Evaluation of the thermal potential of the Amiata Geothermal Field: Geochemical, Petrologic and Petrophysic data.

Tutor: Prof. Sandro Conticelli (UNIFI)

Randazzo Antonio

Biogeochemical processes affecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in volcanic and hydrothermal systems and municipal solid waste landfills.


Tutor: Prof. Franco Tassi (UNIFI)

Sanita' Edoardo

The complexity of the shallow level tectonics during continental collision: evidence from boundary between Maritime and Ligurian Alps.

Tutor: Prof. Luca Pandolfi (UNIPI)

Sepulveda Birke Jose' Pablo

Geological evolution of Ollagūe volcano, Northern Chile.

Tutor: Prof. Raffaello Cioni (UNIFI)

Tarquini Emanuele

Geostatistical analysis and seismological/geotechnical characterization of shallow subsoils in Italy.

Tutor: Prof. Dario Albarello (UNISI)

Tortelli Gianmaria

Geochemical and petrographic characterization and dating of the Stratoid Series (Afar, Ethiopia).

Tutor: Prof.ssa Anna Gioncada (UNIPI)

Vinciguerra Alessandro

Implementation and evaluation of inversion algorithms for time-lapse ERT data.

Tutor: Prof. Eusebio Maria Stucchi (UNIPI)

XXXIV CICLO  (sede amministrativa Università di Pisa)



Tema di ricerca e Tutor

Alderighi Linda

Human-Induced hazard and cultural heritage of quarry dump deposits (ravaneti) in the Apuan Alps.

Tutor: Prof. Carlo Baroni (UNIPI)

Antonucci Andrea

Optimization of the use of macroseisimic data in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA).

Tutor: Prof. Dario Albarello (UNISI)

Aquino Andrea

Decay of natural and artificial stones used in historical buildings: influence of mineralogy and mcrostructure and new restoration methods.

Tutor: Prof. Marco Lezzerini (UNIPI)

Borghini Alessandra

Construction and validation of a global path for teaching Geological Sciences.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Elena Bonaccorsi (UNIPI)

Bruni Rebecca

Analysis of the seismicity in the Mugello basin and nearby areas.

Tutor: Dott. Gilberto Saccorotti (INGV Pisa)

Campanale Fabrizio

Electron diffraction analyses of nano-crystalline phases in planetary materials.

Tutor: Prof. Luigi Folco (UNIPI)

Cirilli Omar

The evolution of Genus Equus in Eurasia during the Plio-Pleistocene.

Tutor: Prof. Lorenzo Rook (UNIFI)

Donigaglia Tessa

The stone materials of the historical buildings of Florence: types, quarries, use in work and physical-mechanical characterization.

Tutor: Prof. Massimo Coli (UNIFI)

Franceschini Zara

 Large explosive volcanic events and tectonic evolution of continental rift in the main Ethiopian Rift, East Africa.

Tutor: Prof. Federico Sani (UNIFI) co-tutela Università di Orleans (Fr)

Mastroianni Filippo

Understanding timescales and dynamics of volcanic plumbing system processes by micro-analytical chemical and isotopic studies on magma components.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Lorella Francalanci (UNIFI)

Peri Emanuele

The marine vertebrates from the Pietra leccese in the framework of geodynamic, oceanographic and climatic evolution of the Mediterranean Sea during the Miocene: an integrated study.

Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Bianucci (UNIPI)

Pierini Silvio

Big Data Analysis in exploration geophysics.

Tutor: Prof. Eusebio Maria Stucchi (UNIPI)

Raggiunti Martina

Interaction between active faults and migration of fluids

Tutor: Prof. Derek Boswell Keir (UNIFI)

Tinagli Luca

Tracking magmatism and metallogeny in the continental crust (Southern Tuscany) with Fe isotope systematics.

Tutor: Prof. Sergio Rocchi (UNIPI)

Torricella Fiorenza

Micropaleontologic and sedimentologic study of marine sediment cores in the Polar regions in the last 2 ka.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Caterina Morigi (UNIPI)

XXXIII CICLO (sede amministrativa Università di Firenze)



Tema di ricerca e Tutor

Bianco Francesco

Micropaleontologic and sedimentologic study of marine sediment cores in the Polar regions in the last 2 ka.

Tutor: Dott. Paolo Conti (UNISI)

Costa Simone

The active plumbing system of La Fossa (Vulcano, Italy): clues to mafic-silicic magma interactions and the link with the magmatic-hydrothermal environment.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Anna Gioncada (UNIPI)

Gabellini Pietro

The genesis, transport and deposition of volcanic ash in the context of Vulcanian activity.

Tutor: Prof. Raffaello Cioni (UNIFI)

Gamboa Sojo Viviana Maria

Sedimentological record and foraminiferal assemblages in Quaternary sediments of Spitsbergen fjords.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Caterina Morigi (UNIPI)

Innocenti Lorenzo

Seismic interferometry and volcanic tremor  linked to explosive regimes.

Tutor: Dott. Maurizio Ripepe (UNIFI)

La Rosa Alessandro

Strain partitioning between border faults and axial magmatic segments in the Afar rift.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Carolina Pagli (UNIPI)

Luti Tania

Land monitoring through optical and radar remote sensing.

Tutor: Prof. Nicola Casagli (UNIFI)

Manca Rosarosa

Non-invasive, scientific analysis of 19th-20th-century gold jewellery and maiolica. A contribution to technical art history and authenticity studies.

Tutor: Prof. Marco Benvenuti (GEO/09)(UNIFI)

Mondanaro Alessandro

The legacy of humanity on the Biosphere at multiple scales.

Tutor: Prof. Lorenzo Rook (UNIFI)

Montalti Roberto

Regional scale satellite monitoring for hydrogeological risk reduction.

Tutor: Prof. Filippo Catani (UNIFI)

Nania Laura

Kinematics, non-coaxial flow and time constraints of the STDS and the MCT in central Himalaya.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Chiara Montomoli (UNIPI)

Risica Gilda

The contribution of Palaeomagnetism in Volcanology for dating of Holocene eruptions and estimating the emplacement temperature of pyroclastic flows. Application on Tenerife and El Hierro (Canary Islands) and on Volcán El Fuego (Guatemala).

Tutor: Dott. Fabio Speranza (INGV, Roma)

Salusti Alessandro

Development and application of Bayesian algorithms for reservoir characterization.

Tutor: Dr. Mattia Aleardi (UNIPI)

Sauro Graziano Roberta

Watersheds as complex dissipative geochemical systems: stability, variability and resilience. Theory and practical applications.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Antonella Buccianti (UNIFI)

Shan Monan

Permafrost deformation monitoring using time series InSAR technique and its effect on environmental change in northern China.

Tutor: Prof. Nicola Casagli (UNIFI)

Sugimura Shunsuke


Dynamics of small repetitive eruptions at Stromboli volcano as inferred from seismic and acoustic analyses.

Tutor: Prof. Takeshi Nishimura  (Tohoku Univ.), Dott. Maurizio Ripepe (UNIFI) Double Degree Agreement with Tohoku Univ., Japan

Turchi Agnese

Geo-enviromental risk analysis for a sustainable local territorial management.

Tutor: Prof. Riccardo Fanti (UNIFI)

XXXII CICLO (sede amministrativa Università di Pisa)



Tema di ricerca e Tutor

Bardeglinu Ilaria

Pre-eruptive magma conditions at Phlegrean Fields (Italy): an experimental petrology study. 

Tutor: Prof. Raffaello Cioni (UNIFI), in co-tutela con Università di Orleans

Bartolini Lucenti Saverio

Evolutionary history of Canidae (Carnivora, Mammalia) and Lyncodontini (Mustelidae, Carnivora) in the Plio-Pleistocene of the Old World.

Tutor: Prof. Lorenzo Rook (UNIFI)

Belgiorno Mariacarmela

Hydrogeochemical and isotopic studies of low and high-temperature geothermal systems of Tuscany. 

Tutor: Prof. Alessandro Sbrana (UNIPI)

Dean Silas

Coastal Environmental Change and Human Response in Prehistoric Croatia.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Marta Pappalardo (UNIPI)

Di Giuseppe Paolo

Post-collisional magmatism in complex converging margins: the case of Central and Eastern Anatolia..

Tutor: Prof. Sandro Conticelli (UNIFI)

Gennaro Simona

Glaciers of the Gran Paradiso Group as indicator of Late glacial and Holocene climatic changes in the Western Alps.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Maria Cristina Salvatore (UNIPI)

Gozzi Caterina

Weathering and transport processes investigated through the statistical properties of the geochemical landscapes: the case study of the Tiber River basin (Central Italy). 

Tutor: Prof.ssa Antonella Buccianti (UNIFI)

Magi Francesco

Isotope geochemistry of rainfall, thermal and non-thermal waters from the Mt. Amiata area (northern-central Italy).

Tutor: Prof. Enrico Pandeli (UNIFI)

Mammoliti Elisa

A new approach for engineering geological mapping of subsurface rock masses by means of fieldwork-based rebound hardness indexes and non-parametric
Bayesian Networks.

Tutor: Prof. Leonardo Disperati (UNISI)

Mannella Giorgio

Palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic reconstruction in the western Mediterranean region through the geochemical and mineralogical study of the Fucino Lake sedimentary succession (Avezzano, Abruzzo).

Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Zanchetta (UNIPI)

Mascandola Claudia

Long-period site effects in the Po Plain sedimentary basin (Italy).

Tutor: Prof. Dario Albarello (UNISI)

Mauro Daniela

Crystal-chemistry of the secondary minerals of thallium-rich pyrite ores from Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy).

Tutor: Prof. Cristian Biagioni (UNIPI)

Novi Lyuba

A numerical model for high resolution simulations of marine fluid dynamics and coastal morphodynamics .

Tutor: Prof. Carlo Baroni (UNIPI)

Rocchi Irene

Ancient to modern smelting activity in Tuscany: a petrological and chemical study of iron and copper metallurgical slags

Tutor: Prof. Sergio Rocchi (UNIPI)

XXXI CICLO (sede amministrativa Università di Firenze)


Tema di ricerca e Tutor

Aravena Ponce Alvaro

Physical modelling of volcanic conduit dynamics and magma-water interaction: Implications for eruptive processes.

Tutor: Prof. Raffaello Cioni (UNIFI)

Barfucci Giulia

Modeling infrasonic courses related to density currents.

Tutor: Dott. Maurizio Ripepe (UNIFI)

Bussettini Martina

Hydromorphological assessment to support river management and restoration.

Tutor: Prof. Massimo Rinaldi (UNIFI)

Caponi Chiara

Behaviour of S-bearing compounds (H2S and SO2) emitted in air from natural emissions in hydrothermal-volcanic systems.

Tutor: Prof. Franco Tassi (UNIFI)

Cavallina Chiara

The Middle Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous paleo-drainage evolution of the Central High Atlas (Marocco): implications for the development of the Moroccan Atlasic system.

Tutor: Prof. Marco Benvenuti (GEO/02)(UNIFI)

Di Rosa Maria

Tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Continental Units at the boundary between the Alpine and the Hercynian Corsica: constraints for the exhumation models in the continental collision setting.

Tutor: Prof. Michele Marroni (UNIPI)

Di Salvo Sara

Unravelling plumbing system dynamics linked to explosive eruptions by geochemical and isotopic micro-analyses: the case study of Campanian Ignimbrite, Campi Flegrei, Italy.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Lorella Francalanci (UNIFI)

Franceschetti Gloria

Incidence of orbital forcing on clacareous nannofossil assemblages: new insights from lower-middle Eocene successions of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin (Spain).

Tutor: Prof.ssa Simonetta Monechi (UNIFI)

Marini Federico

Modellazione 3D di pareti rocciose finalizzata alla valutazione della pericolosità da caduta massi.

Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Gigli (UNIFI)

Pagnotta Stefano

Micron-LIBS-Scan for Cultural Heritage Geomaterials.

Tutor: Prof. Marco Lezzerini (UNIPI)

Papeschi Samuele

The Brittle/Ductile Transition at Upper Crustal Level: Geometry, Strain Partitioning and Fluid Circulation. The case Study of the Calamita Unit (Elba Island, Northern Apennines, Italy).

Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Musumeci (UNIPI)

Pastonchi Laura

Analysis and monitoring of geo-hazards in cultural heritage sites.

Tutor: Dott.ssa Veronica Tofani (UNIFI)

Tognaccini Sofia

Geomorfologia applicata all’individuazione dello stato di attività dei movimenti gravitativi e analisi di suscettibilità da frana in diversi contesti geologico-strutturali.

Tutor: Prof. Mauro Coltorti (UNISI)

Wang Cong

Portable Hyperspectral Sensor: A New Application in Cultural Heritage Conservation

Tutor: Prof. Sandro Moretti (UNIFI)


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