Alessio Monnanni

Amateur Cyclist, aspiring Terroir and fully Ecologist.  

Nowadays, the world's plastic pollution crisis is getting the wide attention of the whole scientific community: degradation products, such as Microplastics (MPs), can be found in any environment and represent a health risk for every living being. For this reason, I decided to apply my geochemical background to better understand this emerging pollutant, predominantly focusing on the investigation of freshwater systems such as rivers, lakes, and karst springs affected by anthropic activities. Due to the lack of MPs standardized approach, one of my Ph.D. research aims concern the development of new sampling methods and processing protocols for waters and sediments.




Ph.D. student in Earth Sciences, University of Florence (nov. 2021 - now).

Title: “Organic and inorganic pollutants in surface freshwater systems”.

M.Sc. in Geological Sciences and Technologies, University of Florence (2020).

Thesis: “Investigation of the potential contaminants mobility in the Mugnone creek (Florence)”.

B.Sc. in Geology, University of Florence (2017).

Thesis: "Geochemical and isotopic characterization of the fumaroles from Nisyros volcanic system (Dodecanese, Greece)". 


Research interest


Anthropic impact

Freshwater systems

Environmental Geochemistry


Research project

“Organic and inorganic pollutants in surface freshwater systems”


Tutor: Prof. Valentina Rimondi (DST)

Supervisors: Dr. Guia Morelli (CNR-IGG)

Prof. Alessandra Cincinelli (DICUS)

Prof. Pilario Costagliola (DST)

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