Tommaso Beni

Brief presentation:
Geologist, climber, videomaker.
My research interests are focused on close-range survey methods, rock mechanics and muon radiography (muography). 
The aim of my PhD project is to validate the reliability of muon imaging for geological issues. Furthermore, I'm also working on close-range survey methods applied to rock mass characterization and hazard assessment on rock slope and cultural heritage.
B.Sc. in Geology at the University of Florence, 2018. Thesis Title: "The late Messinian succession at the Cerri Bassi quarry (Volterra basin): stratigraphic revision and depositional evolution".
M.Sc. in Geological Sciences and Technologies at the University of Florence, 2021. Thesis Title: “LiDAR and photogrammetric data analysis for the creation of rockfall-related hazard maps on rock slopes equipped for sport climbing".
Research fellow at the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) unit of Florence (2021).
Ph.D. Student in Earth Sciences at the University of Florence, 2021 – 2024. Thesis Title: “Engineering geological application of muon imaging”.


Tema di ricerca e tutor:
Engineering geological applications of muon imaging
Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Gigli UNIFI
Research interest:
Rock mechanics
Close-range survey methods (UAV and TLS)
Cultural heritage
3D data analysis and visualization
Research project:
Engineering geological applications of muon imaging
Prof. Giovanni Gigli (UNIFI) 
Prof. Vitaliano Ciulli (UNIFI)


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