Gabriele Fibbi

Geologist, passionate about trekking, hiking and outdoor activities. My great interest in geology processes, since a very young age, conveyed me to enroll degree course of geological sciences at the University of Florence in 2015. During my first three years of university, my interest was focused on the study of geotechnical applications. Afterwards, in the last two years of my university career, I specialized in the hydrogeomorphological dynamics, which is still the current topic of my research. B.Sc. in Geological Sciences at the University of Florence, 2018. Thesis Title: “The detection basins of the Mensola stream park (Firenze)”. Trainee at the Tuscany Region (Settore Genio Civile) , from 01/2020 - 04/2020. M.Sc. Master's Degree in Geological sciences and technologies (Geology for the environment and the territory - GAT curriculum) at the University of Florence, 2021. Thesis title: Analysis and modeling of filtration conditions and stability of embankment sections along the Florentine stretch of the Arno River. Ph.D. Student in Earth Sciences at the University of Florence, 2022 – nowadays. Thesis Title: “Impact of climate change on hydrogeomorphological dynamics at basin and slope scale”.




Landslide monitoring

Natural hazards

Ground deformation




Research project: 

Impact of climate change on hydrogeomorphological dynamics at basin and slope scale.



Professor Riccardo Fanti
Dr. Matteo Del Soldato

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