Giacomo Lazzeri

Passionate about the sea, Earth and their dynamics. I'm focusing my PhD research on the possible approaches to correlate multi- and hyper- spectral data to obtain enriched information for Environmental and Geological analysis. Previously enrolled in Environmental Geotechnologies M.Sc., (Hons) and B.Sc. in Geological Sciences at the University of Firenze. Through my study path I've acquired a wide spectrum of abilities with specific skills focused on Remote sensing, Geology, Geomorphology and knowledge on the Human-Earth dynamics. The internship in the international research group of the University of Aveiro allowed me to acquire a better understanding of the soil erosion processes and modelling connected with amendments techniques. Exchange student with the Erasmus+ scholarship at the University of Birmingham where I expanded my knowledge regarding Sustainability and Ecology. Winner of ESA Copernicus Hackathon 2021. 


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