Fernando Sergio Gois Smith

I am a Brazilian sedimentologist who loves to travel and is especially fascinated by the ocean and its complex dynamics. During my bachelor’s degree, accomplished at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) – Brazil, I started to investigate how low latitudes costal environments such as the Parnaíba River Delta responded to the sea-level rising during the Holocene. That research was continued during my Master ́s degree at the same university and I was awarded with a fellowship from the Brazilian Oil and Gas company, Petrobras. During my Master ́s I also participated of another project for Petrobras as a researcher to investigate possible environmental impacts into the Serra-Macau oil field at Potiguar Basin - Brazil.
In 2021 I started my PhD collaborating with the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics for project: Integrated Reconstruction of Ice sheet Dynamics during late quaternary Artic climatic transitions (IRIDYA).
In order to continue studying phenomena associated with sea-level rising and climate but at this time at a completely different environment.
The objectives of this research are to investigate the onset, causes, dynamics and paleoenvironmental impact of the Late Quaternary extreme sea level rinsing events called Meltwater Pulses, providing a high-resolution chronological definition and a reconstruction of the glacial dynamics of the paleo – Svalbard
Barents Sea Ice Sheet in the Artic Polar circle.


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