Cristiano Romiti

My research activities are mainly focused on the study of new products to be applied during the restoration and conservation processes on stone materials of Cultural Heritage interest. My PhD project is aimed at identifying and developing a system of ecological, eco- compatible and sustainable materials for cleaning, consolidating and protecting stone artifacts. Specific protocols will be defined to improve efficiency, compatibility and durability to aging. Bsc in Technologies for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the University of Florence. Thesis title: “Study and characterization of natural dyes employed on ceramic during Bronze Age”. Msc in Science and Materials for Conservation and Restoration at the University of Florence. Thesis title: “Study and characterization of chemical gels to clean operations in the Cultural Heritage”. Research Fellow at CNR-IGG in Florence, 2020 – 2021. Project: “Study and development of new nanomaterials for the protection of stone artefacts” PhD Student in Earth Sciences, 2022 – Present. Project: “Design of an eco-compatible system for the restoration of stone artifacts”.



Historical and Cultural Heritage

Stone Artifacts

Green and Soft Chemistry

Nanomaterials for Cultural Heritage

Spectroscopic techniques for diagnostics and characterization

Research project: Design of an eco-compatible system for the restoration of stone artifacts.



Professor Orlando Vaselli

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