Laura Bronzo

I am a passionate micropaleontologist who loves to explore the world and the oceans beneath the water surface! I have pursued my bachelor and master’s degrees at the Earth Science Department of the University of Pisa and I have always been thrilled to live new experiences.

It is for this reason that I wrote my bachelor and masters theses abroad in the framework of student exchange programmes.

During the bachelor, I was hosted by the Alfred Wegener Institute - AWI (List, Germany) where I studied foraminiferal assemblages of the Königshafen tidal flat. During my master I was hosted by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research - NIVA (Oslo) to train on the methodologies needed for the analysis of the microplastics content in marine sediments.

From June 2021 I was a fellow at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology – INGV (Pisa) were I participated to the AMUSED project. 

From November 2021 I am conducting a PhD project in the framework of climate changes, collaborating with INGV for the AMUSED project and with the Centre of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics – OGS (Trieste) for the IRIDYA project. I am studying the calcareous nannofossils associations contained in Mediterranean Area and Arctic sediments, to study environmental and climatological features registered by this group of phytoplankton from deglaciation (~ 30 kyrs BP) to recent times. 

From 2022 I am an Early Career Research representative for the PalaeoArc international network research programme.


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