Mattia Ferrari

I have always been very passionate about nature and outdoor activities and that led me to enroll in geological sciences. 

I attended the University of Ferrara at the department of Earth Sciences, graduating with the thesis called “Peat Soil Burning in the Mezzano Lowland (Po Plain, NE Italy): Estimates of organic carbon loss”.

I obtained master’s degree at the University of Florence with the thesis called “Isotopic tracers for provenance analysis of Holocene sediments from the Venetian Polesine area (NE Italy)”.

I have focused my studies on soils isotopic geochemistry, especially on the migration of heavy metals in soil profiles and the traceability of sediments through isotopic analysis. 

I currently am a PhD student and my project is focused on the study of both geogenic and anthropogenic sources of Thallium in environmental matrices in order to better understand the fate of this contaminant in waters, soils, bedrocks and airborne particulate matter. The novel aspect of this proposal is to determine stable Tl isotope ratios (205Tl/203Tl) to pinpoint and characterized Tl cycle in the environment. This study is conducted because Tl is a highly toxic element for humans and one of the most critical environmental hazards of the III millennium.



Research project:

Thallium: a potential toxic element of the III millennium


Research Interest:


Isotope geochemistry

Environmental pollution




Prof. Tommasini Simone

Prof. Natali Claudio

Dr. Bragagni Alessandro

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