Francesco Barbadori

I’m a Geologist and a mountain lover. During my universities studies I expand my interests in Geomorphology, Geotechnics, Applied Geophysics in order to understanding Earth dynamics and the dynamics behind the occurrence of natural phenomena, in particular landslides. My PhD project is focused on understanding soil erosion mechanisms and effects using multidisciplinary methods (remote sensing and field surveys data) in order to develop an innovative approach for the calculating of soil erosion as predisposing factor for mass movements.

B. Sc. In Geological Sciences, University of Florence in 2018. Thesis: “Local Seismic response of the Civita di Bagnoregio cliff”

M. Sc. In Geological Sciences and Technologies (Geotechnologies for the land and the environment), University of Florence in 2021. Thesis: “Development of a threshold system for the triggering of rainfall-induced landslides in Tuscany”

Research scholarship at Earth Science department, University of Florence in 2021. Principal activities: “Calibration, optimization and validation of predicting model for the triggering of landslides”


Principal research interests:


Soil erosion

Remote sensing

Spatial analysis

Machine Learning

PhD Research project: Development of an innovative approach for calculating soil erosion through the application of machine learning algorithms


Tutor: Prof. Federico Raspini 

Co-Tutor: Dr. Samuele Segoni

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