Federica Meloni

My study activities are focused on soils, sediments, and waters geochemistry, especially on heavy metals research. My PhD project is focused on evaluating the impact on ground-surface waters, top-and-sub soils, and stream sediments by mining activity of Hg-rich ore deposits, that for more than one century characterized the Mt. Amiata district. The main objectives of this project are the definition of the background and baseline values of heavy metals in soils, sediments, and water in the Eastern portion of Mt. Amiata. The definition of these two parameters is very important since they can be used for public and private purposes according to EU and Italian regulations. Other aims of this research are the creation of thematic geochemical maps by geostatistical methods in order to understand the heavy metal distribution and to provide possible strategies to reduce risk exposure in the most contaminated areas. In particular, it will make attention to the geochemical characteristics of Hg, As, and Sb in these three geological matrices.

B.Sc in Geology at The University of Florence, 2017. Thesis title:” Groundwater geochemistry in the former mining area of Abbadia San Salvatore (Siena)”

M.Sc. in Geological Sciences and Technologies at the University of Florence, 2019.”Evaluating the background values of Cr, Co, Ni in the Stura river basin (Barberino di Mugello, Central Italy)”

Research fellow at the INSTM 2020-2021. Project: “Evaluating the background value of Hg, As, e Sb in Mt. Amiata soils”

Ph.D. Student in Earth Sciences at the University of Florence, 2021 – 2024. Thesis Title: “Mercury and metalloid background and baseline in soils, water, and stream sediments: a geochemical approach in the eastern portion of the Mt. Amiata district (Southern Tuscany, Central Italy)”


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