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Liz Charton

She graduated a bachelor in Geology and History at Sorbonne University (Paris) in 2020. She obtained an International Master’s joint degree in Quaternary and Prehistory from the University of Tarragona (Spain) and the University of Ferrara (Italy) in 2022. She developped her master’s thesis in archaeopalynology on the Early Neolithic site of La Draga (Spain) and was trained by Jordi Revelles and Isabel Exposito at IPHES (Tarragona). Her PhD project takes part in a cotutelle between the National Museum of Natural History of Paris and the University of Florence, under the co-supervision of Nathalie Combourieu-Nebout and Adele Bertini, with the collaboration of Vincent Lebreton and Odile Peyron. Her research is focused on the palynological study of a deep sea core (Leg 161 ODP 976) located in the Alboran Sea, in order to reconstruct the fast vegetation and climate oscillations of the last two glacial cycles. Her main interest is to understand how climate and environmental variability influenced the patterns of prehistoric human settlements in the Western Mediterranean region.




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