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Niccolini, G., & Bertini, A. (2023). Atlas of Holocene pollen of Southern Italy (Mar Piccolo, Taranto). Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 104992.


We are interested in environmental, climate and stratigraphic reconstructions, especially of latest Neogene-Quaternary terrestrial and marine deposits of the Mediterranean biogeographic region.

Current topics:


Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic changes in the Piedmont Basin during the Messinian salinity crisis. [Research agreement - University of Turin].


Comparison and integration between Quaternary terrestrial and marine records of the Mediterranean area (ODP 976, ODP 975, Montalbano Jonico) [In collaboration with A. Girone, P. Maiorano and M. Marino - University of Bari].


The Lake Ohrid record (Albania / Macedonia) for the reconstruction of the climate history of the Mediterranean during the last 1.36 million years ago. [Coord. B. Wagner]. 


The Upper Valdarno-Levane Project. [Research Project Contribution from the Valdarnese del Poggio Academy - Montevarchi (Arezzo)].


The Tuscan Holocene coastal lagoons (Elba, Burano, Orbetello, Orti-Bottagone). [Collaboration with ISPRA, WWF and the University of Lyon - Labex-IMU Project] National Biodiversity Future Centre (CN5 - Spoke 7).


The Holocene transition environments: Butrinto and Traiano Lake [Coord. L. Sadori, La Sapienza-University of Rome].


Foreland / foredeep / chain sedimentary sequences of the southern Apennine system. [AGREEMENT PURSUANT TO ART. 15 L. No. 241/1990. Collaboration with G. Mastronuzzi, University of Bari].


POLlen et ARIdité, résilience de la végétation aux SÉcheresses récurrentes - POLARISE 2020 - 2024 - INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH NETWORK (IRN). [Collaboration with N. Combourieu-Nebout - CNRS].


The human settlement of the Near East during the Paleolithic: archaeological prospections in central-southern Jordan. [Coordinator D. Lo Vetr, SAGAS].


The Paleolithic of the Krakow-Czestochowa plateau. Bisnik cave study. [Coordinator P. Mazza - DST].


Travertines, tufa and speleothems as a climatic-environmental archive for the late Quaternary.



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