Laboratorio di

Matteo Pili

He graduated in Natural Sciences in 2018 (Bachelor’s degree) and Natural Systems Sciences (Master’s degree) in 2021 at the University of Turin. He carried out both theses under the supervision of Prof. Massimo Delfino, dealing with the osteological description of European anurans.

Since 2021 he has been a doctoral student at the University of Lyon 2, in co-tutorship with the University of Florence, Department of Earth Sciences (XXXVII doctoral cycle) under the supervision of Dr. Jean-Philippe Goiran and Prof.ssa Adele Bertini. As part of his doctoral project, he deals with palynological analysis of Holocene sediments extracted from coastal lagoons in southern Tuscany. Palynological data will then be integrated with malacological, sedimentological and geoarchaeological studies from the same area to reconstruct environmental changes, climatic history and the impact of civilizations that occupied this territory during the last five millennia.

He also collaborates within the PNRR - CN5 Spoke 7 project, contributing to the study of the biodiversity in the same coastal area for preservation and valorisation purposes.



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