Analysis of trace and ultratrace elements

Responsible: Dr Chiara Maccelli, phone 055 2757798, email:

Scientific Coordinators: Prof. Riccardo Avanzinelli, Prof. Claudio Natali



The LAETU Lab is equipped to perform the determination of the concentration of trace and ultra-trace elements in several geological matrices (e.g. rocks, soils, water, etc.). The concentration and distribution of trace elements in volcanic products represent a key tool to investigate magma genesis and evolution. In particular, the variation of selected geochemical characteristichs of the magmas during the different phases of an eruption provide important information for constraining pre-eruptive processes occurring with the volcanic system. 

In environmental sciences, determining the concentration of trace elements in soil and ground water is crucial to investigate the distribution of potentially toxic elements and the complex water/rock and water/sediment interactions in different environments. 

Moreover, the trace elements composition of geological matrices allows to define the potentially toxic elements geogenic backgrounds and to identify anthropogenic contributions. The activities of the LAETU Lab are also complementary to those of the Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry one, and perfectly integrated with all the other labs of the Earth Sciences Department.   



The lab is equipped with a state-of-the-art quadrupole ICPMS (Agilent 7800) for the determination of trace and ultra-trace element contents in all matrices (previous dissolution) down to ppt level, allowing a dynamic concentration range of about 11 orders of magnitude.

The instrument is equipped with a High Matrix Interface allowing the measurements of high salinity liquids (up to 3% TDS) and system of collision cells KED (Kinetic Energy Discrimination) to minimize the effect of polyatomic interferences.



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