Cathodoluminescence Lab


Scientific manager: Prof. Silvia Danise,, Tel 055 2757564

Technical manager: Dr. Matteo Belvedere,, Tel 055 2757564


Description of the activity

Cold cathodoluminescence has numerous applications in the field of Earth Sciences, from mineralogy, to petrography and palaeontology, and is also widely used in the field of materials sciences. In the field of sedimentary geology, in particular, cathodoluminescence is a technique used for the reconstruction of diagenetic sequences, both in carbonate rocks and in biominerals.

Conventional uncovered thin sections (preferably polished), and of rock blocks up to 15 mm thick (maximum dimensions 6x4 cm) can be analysed.



The lab. is equipped with a stage for optical cathodoluminescence (model CL8100 MK5, manufacturer Cambridge Image Technology Ltd.) combined with a Leica DM2700P polarized optical microscope. The microscope is equipped with a high-sensitivity 12 MP Leica Flexcam C1 camera, with dedicated LAS X software that allows the acquisition of digital images in different formats.


How to access

Entrance allowed only to authorized personnel and upon request.



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How to cite

Analysis performed at the Cathodoluminescence Lab of the Earth Sciences Department, Università degli Studi di Firenze

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