Lapideous Materials, Engineering Geology, Enviromental and Landscape Laboratory


Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Carlo Alberto Garzonio –

Technical Coordinator: Teresa Salvatici –

Via P.A. Micheli 8, Firenze

Tel: 055-2756549/6548

Description of the activity

The laboratory is primarily concerned with the characterization of natural and artificial stone materials, as well as the study of the physical-mechanical degradation of the materials used in the architecture and monuments, with particular reference to the different scales at which the phenomenon can be examined . In the laboratory are used different analytical methods for the determination of the characteristics mineralogical, petrographic and physical-mechanical stone materials, these techniques are also used for the evaluation of the alteration and degradation not only of materials of artefacts, but also of exploited stones. The on-situ assessment of the state of conservation of stone materials from a mechanical point of view is necessary not only for materials characterization, but also to perform a simple and schedule monitoring. In addition, the laboratory has the necessary instrumentation to carry out diagnostic tests of all types of masonry to identify the useful features for overall models, structural analysis and safety checks. The laboratory has all the necessary equipment for on-site tests and preparation of samples for the various analyzes



Oven for drying samples at 200 ° C


  1. Stereo microscope with photographic apparatus,
  2. Optical polarizing microscope with photographic apparatus


  1. Bilances
  2. Hydrostatic bilances

Troncatrici e lappatrice

  1. 3 precision cut-off machines with diamond wheels of different thicknesses, for stone materials of different sizes
  2. 2 lapping machines and cloths with diamond pastes of different grain sizes

Instrumentation and products for the production of polished sections and thin

Physical analysis

  1. Equipment for assessment of the capillary
  2. Helium pycnometers

Chemical analysis

  1. Spectrophotometer FT-IR

The laboratory also has a complete instrumentation for testing "in situ"

  1. Colorimeters, sonic/ultrasonic, point-load, schimidt hammer, hygrometers, thermometers, endoscopes, pacometer, pull-off, laser scanner, mortar penetrometer, drills for sampling.

Materials for restoration laboratory


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Lapideous Materials, Engineering Geology, Enviromental and Landscape Laboratory is located in the courtyard of Via P.A. Micheli 8.


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Lapideous Materials, Engineering Geology, Enviromental and Landscape Laboratory, Department of Earth Science, University of Florence (LAM-DST-UNIFI)

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