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Coreferente scientifico Pro. Federico Raspini,

Responsabile Tecnico Dr Luca Lombardi, 055 2757781,


Description of the activity

The Remote Sensing Laboratory of the Earth Sciences Department - University of Florence, offers services of aerial survey using different types of sensors, as well as analytical services and processing of remote sensing data and monitoring with satellite interferometry data.

The aerial surveys are made through the DRONE fleet SATURN 2 e SATURN mini (patented) of the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Florence, in partnership with Civil Protection Centre of the University. The Drones are used as multi-sensor platforms. Aerial surveys by high-resolution optical sensor, temperature sensor, hyperspectral sensor, lidar sensors and georadar ones are performed.

The Laboratory of Remote Sensing provides management services and processing of remote sensing data acquired from satellite and avionic platform (Landsat, SPOT, IKONOS orthophotos, Quick Bird, etc..). 3D rendering of optical and thermal images are produced. High-resolution orthophotos and photogrammetric surveys from aerial images are elaborated for specific thematic maps production. In addition, spectral measurements are performed using portable spectroradiometer as field truth analyses of multispectral immages taken from drones or satellites.In the frame of the interferometric satellite monitoring and taking into account the expertise gained over more than ten years the laboratory produce analyses of interferometric techniques to environmental problems such as landslides, subsidence and volcano. The services offered cover monitoring using classical interferometric technique analysis ( DInSAR ) and PSI (Persistent Scaterrer Interferometry) , which consists of data analysis PS (Permanent scatter ) and DS (Distributed Scatter).



N. 5 DRONES multi-helicopter in collaboration with the Civil Protection Centre of the University of Florence

N. 1 synthetic aperture radar ground interferometer 2 m, range 50-1550 m N. 1 portable spectroradiometer

N. 2 Thermal cameras

N. 1 optical semi-metric resolution camera

N. 1 compact GoProN camera.

N. 1 laser scanner

N. 2 georadar

N. 1 multispectral camera


How to access

The methods of access to the laboratory are free for the staff inside the Department subject to the presence of the Technical Manager and for external staff they must be agreed directly with the Scientific Coordinator or with the Technical Manager.


How to cite

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