Main lines of research

  1. Paleoclimatic, paleoenvironmental and stratigraphic reconstructions in continental and marine Neogene and Quaternary deposits through the study of pollen, spores and dinoflagellate cysts.
  2. Flora, vegetation and climate of the Mediterranean region during the last 8 million years.

Current topics:

  1. Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic changes in the Piedmont Basin during the Messinian salinity crisis. [Research agreement - University of Turin].
  2. Comparison and integration between Quaternary terrestrial and marine records of the Mediterranean area (ODP 976, ODP 975, Montalbano Jonico) [In collaboration with A. Girone, P. Maiorano and M. Marino - University of Bari].
  3. The Lake Ohrid record (Albania / Macedonia) for the reconstruction of the climate history of the Mediterranean during the last 1.36 million years ago. [Coord. B. Wagner]. 
  4. The Upper Valdarno-Levane Project. [Research Project Contribution from the Valdarnese del Poggio Academy - Montevarchi (Arezzo)].
  5. The Tuscan Holocene coastal lagoons (Elba, Burano). [Collaboration with ISPRA, WWF and the University of Lyon - Labex-IMU Project].
  6. The Holocene transition environments: Butrinto and Traiano Lake [Coord. L. Sadori, La Sapienza-University of Rome].
  7. Foreland / foredeep / chain sedimentary sequences of the southern Apennine system. [AGREEMENT PURSUANT TO ART. 15 L. No. 241/1990. Collaboration with G. Mastronuzzi, University of Bari].
  8. /span>POLlen et ARIdité, résilience de la végétation aux SÉcheresses récurrentes - POLARISE 2020 - 2024 - INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH NETWORK (IRN). [Collaboration with N. Combourieu-Nebout - CNRS].
  9. The human settlement of the Near East during the Paleolithic: archaeological prospections in central-southern Jordan. [Coordinator D. Lo Vetr, SAGAS].
  10. The Paleolithic of the Krakow-Czestochowa plateau. Bisnik cave study. [Coordinator P. Mazza - DST].
  11. Travertines, tufa and speleothems as a climatic-environmental archive for the late Quaternary.


  1. fume hood (1)
  2. centrifuges (2)
  3. balances (2)
  4. ultrasonic bath (2)
  5. mechanical agitator (1)
  6. electric plate (1)
  7. microscopes (4) and digital cameras (3)
  8. Micro-pipettes
  9. Glassware and instruments for the transfer or treatment of substances (beaker, bute, funnels, tubes, etc.)
  10. Pollen reference collection
  11. Atlas iconographies

How to access 

Access to the laboratory is permitted after authorization of the responsible, in any case once the ability to use the equipment and knowledge of the preparation procedures and security measures has been ascertained. The SARS-Cov-2 anti-contagion protocol is currently in force, see the security measures planning plan.

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How to cite

Laboratorio di Palinologia – Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Università degli Studi di Firenze

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