The Master's Degree Course in Scientific and Technological Geology has a duration of two years and forms graduates in the field of Geology with methodological and technological skills and scientific studies, aiming at the evaluation of processes related to internal and external dynamics of the Earth planet.

The Degree Course is divided into four diversified training courses, covering the most important and relevant technical-scientific areas of the Geological Sciences:

• Analysis and evolution of the Earth System;

• Dynamic of Volcanic Systems;

• Environmental Geology and Georesource;

• Geotechnologies for the environment and the territory.

Graduates in Geological Sciences and Technologies develop ability to:

• provide an in-depth assessment of the causes and of the possible remedies inherent in the geological risk derived from volcanic, hydrogeological, seismic, environmental phenomena, and to implement forecasting and prevention techniques in geological-environmental safety sector;

• deal with problems related to territorial and environmental planning, geo-technological design and evaluation of the relationships between geological and anthropic environments;

• to evaluate and plan the research and exploitation of geological resources in the mining, geothermic, hydrogeology and stone materials.

Graduates will be able to carry out professional activities in various sectors connected with industries and the both basic and applied research in all areas of geosciences. Graduates will be able to perform such activities in public administrations, institutions private individuals, companies and professional firms by means of enrollment in the Professional Order (Register A) as well as in the areas of teaching and national and international research with access to the research doctorate.


For supplementary information:

 President of the Course – Prof. Lorenzo ROOK (

 Delegate to the Course guidance – Prof. Franco TASSI (

 Delegate to the international relations – Prof. Silvia DANISE (


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