Department of Excellence

The Earth Science Department – DST – of the University of Florence resulted as one of the 180 Italian Departments of Excellence selected by MIUR (Ministry of University and Research) for the high quality in research. The prestigious award is a prize for the efforts done in the past recent years by the researchers of DST toward the development of highly innovative research and didactic projects and for the excellence level of the different products of the research. 

For this reason, the MIUR assigned, for the period 2018-2022, an extraordinary fund dedicated to the development of strategic actions aimed at producing a sound influence in the socio-economic tissue of the community. The investments will be dedicated to enforce and create new scientific knowledges in different fields:

  1. Sustainable development of the Earth system, assessment and mitigation of different geo-risks (volcanic, seismic, hydrogeologic);
  2.  Land planning and defense of high vulnerability areas, with special attention to all those processes inducing rapid geo-environmental changes;
  3. Enhancement of security and life quality of the community.
  4. Conservation of the cultural heritage.

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